Terms of service

  1. urlzs.com is responsible for the proper provision of the Website’s Electronic Services. In addition to the Service Provider, the Website features Customers, i.e. third parties independent of the Service Provider who can use the Website’s Electronic Services via the Website.

  2. Personal data processed on the Website to implement the provisions hereof is administered by the Service Provider. Such personal data is processed for the purposes, for the duration, and based on the principles and rules specified in the privacy statement published on the Website. Among other things, the privacy statement lays down how personal data is processed by the Administrator on the Website, including the framework, purposes, and processing duration of personal data and the rights of data subjects, as well as informs on what cookies and analytical tools are used on the Website. Use of the Website is voluntary. Disclosure of personal data by the Website’s user is also voluntary, save for the exceptions indicated in the policy statement (signing the contract and the Service Provider’s statutory obligations).

  • The definitions used throughout these Regulations have the following meanings:

    • a. SUBSCRIPTION – paid access to the subscription-based Premium Account as set out in the terms and conditions of the App Regulations and the Pricelist.

    • b. BLOG – an Electronic Service, a web blog available on the Website to its Customers which contains articles describing how shortened links can be used in practice.

    • c. PRICELIST – a price list for the use of the Website’s functionalities by Sellers, which is attached to these Regulations.

    • d. WORKING DAY - one day between Monday and Friday, save for public holidays.

    • e. CIVIL CODE – Civil Code Act of April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended).

    • f. ACCOUNT – an Electronic Service, a collection of resources in the Service Provider’s data communication system where data provided by the Customer and information on Shortened Links is gathered, identified with an individual name (login) and password assigned by the Service Provider.

    • g. NEWSLETTER – an Electronic Service enabling all Customers to automatically receive successive newsletter issues with information on novelties.

    • h. REGULATIONS – these Website Regulations.

    • i. WEBSITE, SITE, urlzs.com – Service Provider’s website available on https://urlzs.com/.

    • j. LINK SHORTENING – an Electronic Service enabling all Customers to reduce the length of the selected link.

    • k. ELECTRONIC SERVICE – a service provided electronically by the Service Provider to the Customer via the Website as set forth herein.

    • l. USER, CUSTOMER – an individual having full legal capacity and, where so stipulated under generally applicable laws, also an individual with limited legal capacity who uses or is going to use an Electronic Service.

    • n. CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT, ACT – Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended).

  • URLZS.COM is a portal that makes it possible for customers, among other things, to shorten links referring to other webpages, manage their links, follow click statistics and optimize their links by changing their name or address, as well as adding their own domains and create short links within such domains.

  • The Customer is obligated to use the Website in a legitimate way and in accordance with good manners while respecting the Service Provider’s and third parties’ personality rights, copyrights, and intellectual property rights. The Customer is obligated to provide his or her actual details. The Customer is not permitted to provide any illegitimate content.

  • Technical requirements for using the Service Provider’s data communication system: (1) computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other multimedia device with Internet access; (2) web browser: Mozilla Firefox 20.0 or higher (stable) or Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher (stable), Google Chrome 25.0. or higher (stable); (3) cookies and Javascript enabled in the web browser.

  • The Service Provider complies with article 14 clause 1 of the Provision of Electronic Services Act of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended) whereby who, making available resources of its data communication system for the customer to store his or her data, is not aware of the illegitimacy of such data or any related activity and prevents access to such data after being officially notified of or becoming aware of the illegitimacy of such data or any related activity shall not be held liable for such stored data.

  • Every Customer can use the Website as set forth herein.

  • The Customer can use the following of the Website’s Electronic Services:

  • a. Blog
  • b. Account
  • c. Newsletter
  • d. Link shortening and management of shortened links
  • A detailed description of the Electronic Services and how to use them can be found herein and on the Website.
  • Where not specified otherwise on the Website, Customers use the basic features of the Electronic Services free of charge. Subscription-based options are available against payment, which is in each case specified on the Website.
  • 1. The Newsletter can be used after you enter in the Website’s Newsletter tab your e-mail address to which successive Newsletter issues should be sent and click the confirmation link sent to your designated e-mail address. The Customer has thirty days to confirm his or her subscription to the Newsletter; upon expiry of this period, his or her details will be deleted.

  • 2. The Newsletter Service is provided free of charge for an indefinite period of time. The Customer can, at any time and without having to state the reason therefor, cancel (give up) his or her subscription to the Newsletter by submitting a relevant request to the Service Provider, in particular by contacting e.g contact us.

  • 1. The Link shortening service can be used after you enter a link in the edit field and click the action field.
  • 2. Among other things, the Customer can:
    • use an API with their own domain;b. set redirects pointing to their own domains (redirects to the homepage and 404 page)
    • redirect mobile links, i.e. set the final redirect depending on the mobile system in use: iOS, Android, Windows Phone;
    • change the source of the shortened link;
    • create links that are available only after entering a password;
    • delete any shortened links;
    • create shared accounts and invite others to the account, as well as create and manage groups;
    • generate link lists as CSV files;
    • monitor the site status, including any maintenance breaks or failures.
  • In addition to the Link Shortening Service, the Customer can also check that there is no hidden spam or inappropriate content in the link they provide.
  • The Customer can also add his or her own domain and create short links within such a domain. For this purpose, the domain the Customer wants to add has to be redirected to the Service Provider’s IP have to be modified by setting DNS A Record.
  • 1. The Service Provider can disable, remove or block links, custom domains and subdomains that:
    • have been put on any blacklist;
    • have been reported to be suspicious (after we find the report to be right);
    • contain more than one redirect;
    • have been reported as potential malicious/spam, etc.;
    • contain unacceptable contents (pornography, violence, etc.);
    • redirect to content that does not comply with the DMCA Act;
    • violate the rights of third parties;
    • violate these Regulations.
  • Regular distant communications with you are primarily ensured by the Website’s contact form, contact us, which you can use to exchange information with the Service Provider on how to use the Website. Customers can also contact us using other methods permitted by law.
  • Complaints regarding the functioning of the Website and Electronic Services can be filed by Customers using the Website’s contact form, by e-mail contact us.
  • The Service Provider recommends including the following in the complaint description: (1) information on the complaint subject and the related circumstances, in particular, the type and date of any malfunction;(2) the Customer’s demand; and(3) the complaining party’s contact details to make it easier and faster for the complaint to be processed by the Service Provider. The requirements specified in the foregoing sentence are recommendations only and do not affect the efficacy of the complaint filed otherwise than recommended.
  • The Service Provider will state its position on the complaint immediately, but no later than within fourteen calendar days of its receipt.
  • This section of the Regulations applies only to Customers who are consumers and to the distant contracts with the Service Provider they may enter into.
  • The consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the following distant contracts: (1) contracts for the provision of services if the Vendor has delivered a full service with the express agreement of the consumer, who was informed before receiving the service that the consumer would lose his or her right to withdraw from the contract once the service is delivered; (2) contracts for the provision of digital content that is not recorded on a physical data carrier if the provision of a service is started with the express consent of the consumer before the expiration of the period to withdraw from the contract and after the consumer is informed by the Vendor about the consumer’s losing his or her right to withdraw from the contract.

  • Subject to clause 13.2 hereof, the consumer who has entered into a distant contract may, within fourteen calendar days, withdraw from such a contract without having to state the reason therefor and incur any costs whatsoever, save for the exception described in this clause. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient to send a relevant statement before the expiry thereof.

  • The withdrawal period starts from the signing date of the contract.

  • All statements sent to the Service Provider in connection with exercising your right to withdraw from the contract may be made using the contact details indicated in clause 11 hereof.

  • The provisions of this clause 14 of the Regulations relating to the consumer are applicable from January 1, 2021, and for contracts signed thereafter, also in relation to Customers who are private individuals signing a contract that is directly associated with their business provided that such a contract does not seem to be related to their business, in particular to the principal activities of such individuals as disclosed under the Polish Central Business Records and Information Service regulations.

  • The copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Website as a whole and to any part thereof, including any content, artwork, piece of work, pattern, and trademark displayed as part thereof, are owned by the Service Provider or other eligible third parties, and are subject to copyright and other generally applicable laws. The protection granted to the Website comprises all forms of their expression.

  • Trademarks owned by the Service Provider and third parties should be used in accordance with applicable laws.